Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting refers to the controlled drilling, sawing, and removal of concrete. It is carried out by skilled operators who use specially designed saws for cutting through asphalt and concrete with accuracy and precision. In the process of cutting concrete, mistakes are abhorred. Before, cutting concrete was a dirty job that required a lot of hard words. Jackhammers were used to break concrete, and the result was a dust-filled atmosphere. This method has since been replaced with using specially designed tools and machinery with modern techniques that leave a smooth and clean environment after the job is done.

Concrete cutters use different types of blades to cut the concrete of varying strengths and design. When the right blade is used, there is a need for minimal water to achieve a quick finish within a short time. Most of the modern saws have a vacuum system that traps the dust generated during the concrete cutting. If you are going to hire a cutting company, ensure that the company uses these modern techniques and equipment. Only with such can you be assured of a quality, clean, and efficient job that does not leave wherever you are cutting like it was a tornado that did the damage. 

Concrete Cutting Techniques

There are many ways of concrete cutting; some are used more than others. Here, we examine the five commonly used techniques.

Diamond Sawing: The diamond saw is very easy to use, and they are more efficient for cutting through concrete than other tools. With the diamond sawing method, you need fewer operators to get the job done in a shorter time. It is also quieter and creates minimal vibration. However, only contractors can use the diamond sawing system for cutting concrete. 

Concrete Sawing: It is not every type of saw that can cut a concrete wall. Only the circular blades fixed on track-mounted machines can get the job done. The track allows the blade to climb up the wall and cut it or even the ceiling. It is usually used for walls with a thickness between 16 to 32 inches.

Flat Sawing: This is the method for cutting floors, pavements, and decks. This method which is also called the slab sawing method is a process where the saws are set into a cart for the operator to push around. It can be used to fix spoilt parts of roads, cut through concrete to reach broken pipes and wire connections, etc. 

Core Drilling: This is the process used to create openings for cables, pipes, air conditioning or ventilation vents, etc. The cutter drills circular holes into the concrete using diamond-tipped bits and steel tubes. Core drilling requires precision and expertise, so it is better to hire a coring contractor.

Wire Sawing: This method is used only when other methods are impractical. A wire with diamond segments is operated through pulley systems fixed to a power drive. It is very technical.


There are aspects of concrete sawing that may look simple, but the truth is, every aspect requires technical expertise. Concrete cutting is rarely something you should do yourself.