Best Way to Create a Concrete Foundation

The foundation is the most critical part of a building. It determines whether the building standards or not and any fault in the foundation can damage the entire structure. In most situations, this foundation is constructed with concrete—the abilities of this material are what makes it just the perfect material to use for your foundation. Generally, foundation construction is a complex job that requires a professional. However, there are instances when a homeowner might create the foundation by himself. Such situations include where the structure for which a foundation is being built is a small one such as a garage or shed. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, here is the best way to create a concrete foundation.

Plan The Foundation:

The importance of the concrete foundation to any structure you will erect on it means you should plan it before you start. You have to decide on the foundation’s size in terms of width, length, and thickness. The structure you plan to put on the foundation should determine the size. For instance, the thickness of a foundation for a tool shed cannot be the same as that of a garage. And a garage cannot compare with that of a house. You must make sure that the foundation is thick enough to support the structure, and you should make sure there are no weaknesses. 

Excavate The Land and Prepare It:

You have to prepare the place you are building on. The first part of this is to clear the land and excavate the topsoil.  You should dig a trench that covers the area you are using, and the depth of your trench should be twice the thickness of your foundation. Thus, if you are creating a 10inches foundation, the trench should be 20inches deep. Once it is deep enough, prepare it by getting rid of any debris, including stones. Once it is clear, use a soil compactor which you can rent to compress the soil. Then complete the preparation by pouring stone pebbles, sand, or gravel into the trench and leveling it.

Lay A Barrier:

You can also lay a material that will serve as a barrier to the leveled gravel or stones. This is necessary where it is a home foundation as it helps prevent ground moisture from getting through the concrete foundation

Erect A Frame:

You have to build a wooden form that fits into the dug trench. This frame will retain the concrete, so ensure that it is strong enough to fulfill its purpose. While it is not necessary, you can place rebar in this frame too.

Pour The Concrete:

Once everything is set, it is time to pour the concrete. You can mix the concrete yourself or order ready mixed concrete that you will pour into the frame. This process is crucial, and you must do it right to ensure the integrity of your frame. You will need a screed and hand trowel to level the concrete, ensure every millimeter of the frame is filled, and finish it. Ensure that the concrete foundation cures properly


The mixing of concrete for the foundation is different from other uses of concrete in terms of the ratio of materials to be used. If you’re not familiar with it, it is better to use ready mixed concrete delivered when you need it.